Frankie Carle

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Little Jack Frost Get Lost (78rpm Version) (78rpm Version)

van The Classic Big Band Christmas Album

2:43Vanaf €1,19


van Honky Tonk Piano Guys


I Want a Girl (Just Like the Old Girl That Married Dear Old Dad)

van 24 Karat

2:16Vanaf €1,09

Little Jack Frost, Get Lost

van The Advent Calendar 21 - Christmas Songs


Little Jack Frost, Get Lost

van Nuttin' for Christmas (70 Magic Christmas Songs)


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Frankie Carle - Carle Boogie
Frankie Carle - It's All over Now
Frankie Carle - One More Tomorrow
Frankie Carle - Rumours Are Flying
Frankie Carle - Oh! What It Seemed to Be