Guy Lombardo

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Cuddle Up a Little Closer Lovey Mine

van Guy Lombardo On Planet Swing


He'll Be Comin' Down the Chimney

van Christmas - Boardwalk Empire Era


When The Saints Go Marching In

van When The Saints Go Marching In


The Chicken Song

van Chicken Dance Party


Auld Lang Syne

van Music From The Motion Picture Fred Claus



Guy Lombardo - The Perfect Song - Ti-Pi-Tin - Liebestraum - Yours And Mine - When My Dreamboat Comes Home - The Old Apple Tree - It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane - Sweethearts On Parade - It Ain't Necessarily So - I Got Plenty 'O' Nuttin' - There Is No Greater (Full Vinyl Album)
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Guy Lombardo - Under The Christmas Tree
  • 16-bit FLAC
Guy Lombardo - St. Nicholas - For Young Folks
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Singles & EP

Guy Lombardo - It's Love-Love-Love (Billboard Hot 100 - No. 01)
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Guy Lombardo - St. Louis Blues - Single
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Guy Lombardo - A Fellow Needs a Girl
Guy Lombardo - I'm My Own Grandpa
Guy Lombardo - Easter Parade
Guy Lombardo - Anniversary Song